Update 10/17/21

Pictures and videos from our Ohio Convention Kick Off Dance in Kidron, Ohio.  Click on any picture to view it full size.

Update 10/17/21

Pictures and videos from our Ohio Convention Kick Off Dance in Kidron, Ohio.  Click on the picture below to view all the pictures.

Update 4/19/21

We are writing all the Dancers in Ohio and neighboring states with an update of events and happenings for our “Catch the Fun in 2022” Ohio Dance Convention.  Our committees have been hard at work to make sure that we have our 2022 Ohio Dance Convention on May 6 and 7, 2022.  We will not be dancing on Sunday, May 8th, as that is Mother’s Day.  Those among us fortunate enough to still have their mothers, will want to share that day with them.  We have not had an “in person” committee meeting since February, 2020. The meetings have been held via phone conference.  Thanks goes to our Co-Chairman, Henry and Karen Cochran, and to Mike Brugger, our Federation Treasurer, we have been able to hold elections, discussions and make decisions about what to do and not to do.  Without these people we would not be where we are today.  Thanks Henry, Karen and Mike.

The committees have been pushing to get our registration forms finished up, our events lined up, Saturday’s dinner/show organized, hand-outs made and items collected to put in your free gift bags that you will receive upon signing in at the registration booth.  Decorations are being made by family members, as well as committee leaders.  Ideas have been gathered from as far away as Maine and right in our own back yards.

We encourage those of you who wish to attend the dinner/show, to get your registrations turned in as early as possible.  Randy Valez, our Saturday evening entertainment, will sell out quickly as many of our area dancers have been to many of his performances.  Randy is a vocal impressionist, considered to be the “Rich Little of Music.”  He is a gem of a person, as is his wife, Sandy.  Food choices for dinner will be announced as time gets closer.  Our tours listed on the registration include a winery tour, Stan Hywet tour (a beautiful 107 year old Tutor Revival Mansion, with 65 rooms built by the cofounder of Goodyear Tire.  See how the other half lived a century ago), and a golfing outing for those who wish to hit the green.  We will also have an on-site photographer who will be glad to take your picture at the convention.  They are square dancers, as well as photographers.  We ask that you help support them for their efforts to make your weekend special.

We will be giving away a FREE stay in the Honeymoon Cottage (three nights during the convention), to be drawn at our Kick-off Dance on October 17, 2021, 2-5 pm at the Kidron Community Center, 4434 Kidron Road, Dalton, Ohio 44618.  Callers for the dance will be Ed Pabst and David Hefron and the Cuer for the day will be Carol Pabst.  Should you want a chance at the FREE weekend, you need to register for the convention by October 16, 2021.  All early registrations will be put into the drawing and someone will win the free weekend.

The 2022 Ohio Dance Convention Committee invite you all to come and join us for a Trail-End Dance (Plus level), Thursday, May 5, 2022, at the Bertram Inn location.  We will have Bob Asp and Tom Manning calling, along with Amy Riehl cueing.  There will be a $10.00 per person charge for this dance.  The price will get you into both the Rounds Hall and the Square Dance Hall for the evening.  The Trail-End Dance will kick off the convention weekend and we certainly hope to see you there.

There will also be basket raffles at the convention.  Please be thinking of what each Akron club and each Council or Federation can donate to help support this great event.  We all need each other’s help and support as some of our clubs have folded.  We’ve lost dancers and callers near and far to COVID 19 and to other health issues.  The Federations/Councils of our great state of Ohio need everyone’s support.  With that in mind, put on your thinking hats and think of something you can bring.

Our committees, leaders, and host Federation cannot wait to have each and every one of you come and shake off the “rust” and have a great time at our “Catch the Fun in 2022” convention.  See you all at the Bertram Inn on May 5, 6 and 7, 2022.  Don’t forget to register EARLY for the Honeymoon Cottage give away and dinner/show.  See you around the squares sometime soon.

Yellow Rocks via email,

Chickie  & Bill Weber

Chairmen of 62nd ODC

Karen & Henry Cochran

Co-Chairmen of 62nd ODC

2022 Ohio Dance Convention